Re-Imagine the Possibilities of Storage & Compute

Data can be a tool or a burden depending on your ability to utilize it. Provide your applications and data with a platform that processes in real-time for real-time insights. Take Axellio’s flexible platforms where your data is and gain control over your environment and infrastructure. Re-imagine what you thought was possible with a converged hardware platform.

Eliminate Latency

Enable next generation application performance where large amounts of sensor-based data inputs must be processed to provide real-time insight and response. With Axellio platforms, provide your environment unequaled end-to-end low-latency and real-time response while processing complex high volumes of data at high velocities.

Remove Bottlenecks

Do more, with less, in less time. Fully utilize the benefits of PCIe bandwidth and push the limits of performance with NVMe in the scale-in architecture of Axellio platforms. Process data where it is being created, with unequaled, sustained throughput necessary to meet the most demanding requirements, at the edge.

Reduce OpEx and CapEx

Reduce ongoing capital and operational expenses. With a network, compute, and storage that independently scales in only 2U, Axellio platforms and solutions can do more, with less, for less. From first purchase through future needs. Use less rack space, less power, and less cooling. Take your projects to a new level with Axellio edge computing.

“Thanks to FabricXpress, we are able to accelerate the analytics cycle of critical business decision making by nearly 400 percent. Because we can accelerate the decision-making cycle with Axellio platforms, we enable our customers to answer more questions, make more decisions, and positively effect critical business outcomes.”
Tim Jones - President & CEO, ISSAC
“Data that does not enable insights is meaningless, yet our interconnected world also demands that such insights be delivered at very high speed to avoid them becoming equally worthless.”
Mark Peter, Practice Directory and Senior Analyst at ESG
“Our customers across federal, state and local and commercial need to access information in real time and respond to high volumes of data rapidly. Through Axellio’s FabricXpress solutions, we give customers this level of access, thereby enabling them to more confidently make critical decisions.”
Rob Davies - Chief Operating Officer, VION


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