MicroDataCenter Solutions

Support your GPU and NVMe storage devices with next-gen solution

Graphics processing units (GPU) are emerging as the new star in the computer industry, moving beyond the traditional graphics and gaming usage to processing machine-generated data, data analysis, crypto-currency, and complex problem solving. With the rise in demand for GPUs in the enterprise data center and beyond, there has also been a need for a new solution to the big data processing required to operate them efficiently. Processes like Hadoop have created an affordable platform for storage and analysis, but there is a better way — connected machines.

Axellio’s solution to this growing demand is the MicroDataCenter Platform, next-generation architecture designed for ultra-high-performance components like GPUs and NVMe storage devices.

Key Advantages

  • Customizable for any GPU computing and storage needs
  • Simple to work with and set up
  • The fastest data analytics available
  • Scale in with its small footprint — leverages a 2U architecture
“Some of the most demanding agencies are fighting the front line battles every day against cyber enemies. Portable FabricXpress is a fast, powerful, and portable edge computing solution that provides military and intelligence units the capability necessary to maintain global vigilance and readiness in a dangerous world.”
Reginald Hyde - Former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence
“With Axellio FabricXpress unique use of exploiting all PCIe lanes in the architecture, we are able to discover and exploit unknown relationships, identify key business drivers, generate predictions and postulate hypotheses that help drive effective, efficient decision-making.”
Tim Jones - President & CEO, ISSAC
“Thanks to FabricXpress, we are able to accelerate the analytics cycle of critical business decision making by nearly 400 percent. Because we can accelerate the decision-making cycle with Axellio platforms, we enable our customers to answer more questions, make more decisions, and positively effect critical business outcomes.”
Tim Jones - President & CEO, ISSAC

Let us put our Axellio MicroDataCenter Solution to work for you!

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