MicroCloud Solutions

Transform your approach to harnessing and utilizing data in real-time

In industries where the value of data decreases with every minute that it ages, it is imperative for companies to leverage a data-in-motion processing strategy. Axellio’s MicroCloud solution takes a whole new approach to accessing big data in real-time, integrating accelerated network interfaces with nanosecond — or even picosecond — level time synchronization. Add in the latest x86 architecture and next-generation solid-state drives (SSD) and the result is a powerful multi-use solution offering simultaneous packet capture and persistence, network analytics, alerting, and the ability to run real-time reporting even during the heaviest of traffic periods.

How can Axellio benefit your operations?

Run Cloud Native, Hybrid, and On Premises

Stop holding back important analysis due to latency and poor input and output. While there is no one answer for where IT departments should run their micro-services and containerized applications, portability of applications, and even entire solution stacks, can transform how organizations develop, deploy, and manage their environments. The MicroCloud platform is designed to allow containerized applications built in the cloud to run locally, giving your administrators and data scientists the flexibility to run their clouds where they need.

REAL Real-Time Analytics

In many industries, such as financial, manufacturing, cybersecurity and others, real-time data is critical to regulatory compliance, fraud detection, operational reporting and risk management. MicroCloud creates end-to-end visibility for users, capturing, preserving and analyzing massive amounts of data in real time, allowing for quick response when problems occur.

Key Advantages

  • Scalable cloud architecture
  • Run cloud-native applications
  • Remove bandwidth bottlenecks
  • Eliminate latency issues
  • Assure privacy
  • Enable autonomy
“Our customers across federal, state and local and commercial need to access information in real time and respond to high volumes of data rapidly. Through Axellio’s FabricXpress solutions, we give customers this level of access, thereby enabling them to more confidently make critical decisions.”
Rob Davies - Chief Operating Officer, VION
“Axellio FabricXpress helps us provide our customers deeper, richer insight, in a shorter amount of time, than we could using traditional infrastructure solutions.”
Tim Jones - President & CEO, ISSAC

Let us put our Axellio MicroCloud Solution to work for you!

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