A Transformational Journey of Power, Simplicity, and Efficiency

Match your workloads need for performance, simplicity and efficiency with Axellio FabricXpress™ All – NVME for Azure Stack HCI. Seamlessly integrate from on-premises to the cloud with powerful hardware, purpose-built for the simplicity of HCI and the demand of Enterprise workloads. Never compromise performance or simplicity with applications that power your business – build the hybrid cloud solution they require.

One Powerful Partnership

Axellio + Microsoft

Hyper-converged infrastructure is best delivered with a tight solution offering and ours provides a seamless experience from first deployment to end of life.

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Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) supports NVMe, storage class memory and RDMA – all fully realized by the purpose built FabricXpress Server.

More Work
per Node

Smaller clusters of larger servers deliver consistent low latency and throughput using more NVMe and PCIe lanes than any other Microsoft partners.


S2D brings simple administration, a full feature set, and allows for FabricXpress’ density of upto 920TB in only 6U for datacenter consolidation through the stack.

Improve Application
Response Time

Support business initiatives like DevOps and big data analytics. Ultimately allow for more productivity throughout your business.

Accomplish More
With Less

Smaller clusters of large servers delivers more with less expense. More opportunity to scale-in before scaling out your cluster.

Sprawl Less
Manage Less

72 NVMe per node means greater consolidation for storage-intensive workloads. Don’t just consolidate – hyper-consolidate.

One Solution


Hybrid Operations

Azure Site Recovery Azure Site Recovery
Cloud Witness Cloud Witness
Azure Monitor Azure Monitor
Azure Backup Azure Backup
Azure Update Management Azure Update Management

Efficient Validated Solution


Pre-loaded & configured for high performance & high availability


Axellio installs and integrates into customer-facing network, trains, and reviews


One solution means one support team that is always ready to assist

Robust Software Defined Infrastructure

Hyper-V Hyper-V
Storage Spaces Direct Storage Spaces Direct
Azure Network Adapter Azure Network Adapter
Clustering Clustering
Security Security
Management Management
See How S2D Stacks Up

Do More with Less for Less

Whether your physical infrastructure is on-premises or in a co-lo, the right hardware makes a difference to your bottom line.

Complete More Work per VM

When storage is fast, and the bottleneck from compute to storage is removed – you can run more virtual machines or larger VMs per node.

Decrease Licensing Cost

More work per VM means a decrease in nodes needed. Decreasing core-based licensing and driving hardware AND software costs down.


REPLACE aging server and storage infrastructure, consolidate virtualized workloads, and gain cloud efficiencies on-premises with Azure-inspired HCI


EXTEND to the cloud quickly and easily with simplified cloud management and Azure hybrid services in Windows Admin Center


CHOOSE a validated solution that is complimentary in hardware, software, management, and support

"When Microsoft validates platforms like the Axellio FabricXpress, we’re giving enterprise customers a solution that will meet their demanding compute and storage requirements using their same applications and saving money on new licensing costs with easy connectivity to a trusted public cloud"
Siddhartha Roy - Partner Group Program Manager, Microsoft Corp.
“FabricXpress & Windows Server combined make it easy for enterprise organizations to deploy and manage on-premises and hybrid cloud solutions for high-performance and data-intensive environments.”
Carmen Crincoli - Storage ISV Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Corp.
“Axellio FabricXpress helps us provide our customers deeper, richer insight, in a shorter amount of time, than we could using traditional infrastructure solutions.”
Tim Jones - President & CEO, ISSAC
“Axellio’s provides a powerful and reliable HCI solution that unlocks the full potential of Windows Server 2019 and its new virtual workload CPU performance improvements.”
Carmen Crincoli - Storage ISV Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Corp.


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