Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Solutions

Imagine your perfect HCI – now stop imagining!

Don’t let your HCI spend one more minute languishing on substandard platforms that deliver mediocre results at a substantial cost. Axellio’s FabricXpress™ HCI platform provides 2-3 times the number of virtual machines using high-end CPUs and enormous data for compute and necessary storage. Up your HCI game and discover the power of running near-limitless workloads at the highest efficiencies in the market.

Up to:

NVMe drives per server
920 TB
in a 4-Node cluster
in 4U

Performance Matters – Even When You Don’t Realize It

Maximize IO Throughput

The network will always be the bottleneck, so reduce the networking! With the highest density compute/storage in the industry, you need only 1/3 the number of servers of competing solutions which will maximize your throughput performance. FabricXpress WSSD holds more than half a petabyte of data without sacrificing speed. In fact, it amplifies it.

Minimize Application Response Time

Servers running HCI stacks require an incredible amount of data for compute and necessary storage. By applying WSSD to a platform that is built to minimize latency, you can get more done in less time. Utilizing an intelligent fabric that provides more PCIe lanes than any other server and allows for a more dense footprint of storage allowing for up to 36 NVMe flash drives per node to give your data a whole new level of performance. Add in the fact that it takes only 4U of rack space and you have yourself a whole new level of hyper-converged infrastructure.

Key Advantages

  • Compute: Right-size resources
  • Storage: Increase performance
  • Remove bandwidth bottlenecks
  • Eliminate latency issues
  • Affordability: Reduce CapEx & OpEx

Run hundreds of virtual machines in just 4U. Experience 2.4x greater storage efficiency. Scale from 4 nodes and 12.8TB to 920TB up to 16 nodes and upwards of 3.5PB.

Experience the Benefits of Axellio’s FabricXpress WSSD Solution

Reduce OpEX and CapEX

Datacenters that run on average servers experience a higher cost of operation due to per-processor (socket) licensing and the expense of added storage. Axellio’s FabricXpress WSSD HCI runs more virtual machines than any other platform available, beating them out on processor capability and reduced license costs.

Decrease Footprint, Cooling, Power

Whether in your own datacenter or hosting – density counts when you’re paying for space, power, and cooling. FabricXpress’ uneaqualled density enables more in 4U than any other HCI solution out there.

Seamless Cloud Integration

With Windows Server 2019, enjoy a seamless integration between your on-prem latency sensitive applications and your less sensitive applications in Microsoft Azure with a simple user interface and seamless experience.

“With Axellio FabricXpress unique use of exploiting all PCIe lanes in the architecture, we are able to discover and exploit unknown relationships, identify key business drivers, generate predictions and postulate hypotheses that help drive effective, efficient decision-making.”
Tim Jones - President & CEO, ISSAC
“FabricXpress & Windows Server combined make it easy for enterprise organizations to deploy and manage on-premise and hybrid cloud solutions for high-performance and data-intensive environments.”
Carmen Crincoli - Storage ISV Senior Program Manager, Microsoft
“Axellio FabricXpress helps us provide our customers deeper, richer insight, in a shorter amount of time, than we could using traditional infrastructure solutions.”
Tim Jones - President & CEO, ISSAC
“Axellio’s FX-WSSD provides a powerful and reliable HCI solution that unlocks the full potential of Windows Server 2019 and its new virtual workload CPU performance improvements.”
Carmen Crincoli - Storage ISV Senior Program Manager, Microsoft
"Our file server backups use to take 3-4 hours, with Axellio FabricXpress WSSD this now takes only 12 minutes. That is huge when you are trying to cram backups in a 24-hour period. This means less money towards additional Veeam proxies. We will now look at multiple backups per day for critical systems."
Clark Carpenter, Director – IS Infrastructure at Southeastern Medical Center in Ohio

Let us put our FabricXpress Hyper-Converged Solution to work for you!

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