Although hyper-converged infrastructure has come a long way, some enterprises are still hesitant to migrate their most important applications to HCI due to perceived performance issues. That is all changing with the next generation of HCI solutions.

In this TechTarget whitepaper, you’ll learn:

  • Why enterprise IT decision makers have been hesitant to run tier-1 workloads on HCI
  • Challenges modern HCI solutions have had to overcome
  • The new requirements of HCI solutions architecture
  • How Microsoft and Axellio have teamed up to offer customers a next-generation HCI solution 

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"Axellio took on the challenge of squeezing the capacity and performance of an enterprise all-flash array into a server. IT decision-makers looking to modernize their infrastructure through HCI now have a purpose-built hardware platform to satisfy the goal; upon which a Microsoft HCI solution can run with peak efficiency and optimized performance: Axellio FabricXpress™ (FX)."


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