Revolutionize the performance, cost and speed of your high-volume data streaming.

As computing evolves, so too does the need for strategic, innovative ways to process data. While the cloud has its place in the world of tech, ever-increasing demands for dense data environments, has driven the industry to a new frontier — edge computing.

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FabricXpress is designed for the emerging edge computing market, which requires high-bandwidth, low-latency, and high density. FabricXpress is a high-density, converged server/storage platform that leverages a unique NVMe/PCIe architecture to provide unequaled, sustained throughput and end-to-end low-latency response necessary to meet the most demanding edge requirements.

Insight at the Speed of Operation

The FabricXpress edge computing platform enables real-time insight and response from complex processing of high volumes of data at high velocities. This level of performance will enable next-generation applications where large amounts of sensor-based data inputs must be processed to provide real-time data and response.

Big Data, Small Footprint

FabricXpress packs a big punch in an incredibly small package, offering advanced storage architecture, low latency and excellent bandwidth all neatly packed into a 2U form factor — a rack substantially smaller than competitor platforms.

Product Benefits

  • Extraordinary Value
  • Lower size, weight and power
  • Easily upgrade, expand, or reconfigure
  • Unprecedented Density
  • Incredible cost savings over life cycle
  • Infinitely Flexible
  • NVMe/PCIe architecture
  • Accelerates throughput up to 60 GB/Sec

Computing, Storage, and Memory

CPU cores
of storage
of RAM
microseconds of latency

Portable Edge Computing

Where operations require high-performance computing resources that can be deployed quickly and easily without using pallets of equipment and hours of set-up. Portable FabricXpress is a small-but-powerful 2U unit that can be quickly disassembled for travel and reassembled onsite — no giant crates of machinery required. The portable edge computing solution is targeted at organizations that need speed and performance without the space, weight, and power restrictions of traditional architecture.

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“Our file server backups that use to take 3-4 hours, with Axellio FabricXpress WSSD this now takes only 12 minutes. That is huge when you are trying to cram backups in a 24-hour period. This means less money towards additional Veeam proxies. We will now look at multiple backups per day for critical systems.”
Clark Carpenter, Director – IS Infrastructure at Southeastern Medical Center in Ohio
“With Axellio FabricXpress unique use of exploiting all PCIe lanes in the architecture, we are able to discover and exploit unknown relationships, identify key business drivers, generate predictions and postulate hypotheses that help drive effective, efficient decision-making.”
Tim Jones - President & CEO, ISSAC
“Some of the most demanding agencies are fighting the front line battles every day against cyber enemies. Portable FabricXpress is a fast, powerful, and portable edge computing solution that provides military and intelligence units the capability necessary to maintain global vigilance and readiness in a dangerous world.”
Reginald Hyde - Former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence
“The combination of Axellio’s FabricXpress and Microsoft’s Windows Server 2019 has allowed us to gain tremendous performance and scalability at the same price point as other compared vendors. Staying with the Microsoft tools allowed us to save on licensing cost and removed the time that we would have spent learning a new management system. We are extremely happy with our decision to stay with Axellio.”
Clark Carpenter, Director – IS Infrastructure at Southeastern Medical Center in Ohio


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