Decision Factors for Evaluating HCI for Storage Intensive Workloads

There is no doubt that hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) is gaining acceptance in enterprise environments. The simplicity and infrastructure consolidation is undeniable. A few things are still up in the air though, such as whether or not enterprises are adopting hyper-converged infrastructure for larger workloads or for their hybrid cloud strategy? 

In this research-based Technical Insight, you’ll learn:  

  • Which enterprise workloads/use cases are trending to the top for HCI
  • How enterprise IT decides whether a solution like HCI is appropriate for their workloads
  • Which performance measurements to focus on
  • How NVMe and per node devices affect the efficiency in hyper-converged infrastructure
  • Resiliency matters – as much in HCI as it does in a traditional SAN (3-2-1) environment
  • How maturity, cost-effectiveness, and change to the data center are affecting the adoption rate


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"HCIs are more accepted in enterprise data centers today than even a year ago. While HCI was originally a solution for smaller companies, and specific applications like VDI, more IT practitioners in the largest companies are deciding HCI is a viable solution for their most important workloads as well, such as databases."
Eric Slack, Evaluator Group


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