The What, Why, & How of a Next-Generation Solution for the Enterprise

On paper, hyper-converged infrastructures (HCIs) look like the perfect solution to most organizations’ IT woes. While the first generation of HCI solved point organization problems like virtual desktops and tier-2 virtual workloads, they lacked the power and efficiencies required to support tier-1 applications.

Most think of HCI as just a more simplistic approach to infrastructure. But, what many are finding is that there is a whole new world of HCI 2.0 which offers performance, consolidation, less licensing costs, less hardware to manage, AND simplicity. 

This eBook will guide you through the following topics: 

  • Ch 1: What is HCI 2.0?
  • Ch 2: How HCI 2.0 Delivers Enterprise-Class Performance
  • Ch 3: HCI 2.0 Stays Simple
  • Ch 4: In HCI – Hardware Matters
  • Ch 5: The TCO of Premium Node Hardware for HCI

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"Instead of creating HCI software, Axellio designs hardware ideal for HCI environments. If HCI software is the fuel, then Axellio is the engine."
George Crump, Storage Switzerland


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