IT operations have optimized the real-time data collection of network traffic statistics and device information as the most economical approach to assure security, services, and application delivery. But despite this increasing amount of information across a growing number of monitoring and analysis applications, it still lacks the detail to get to a root cause and mitigation quickly. To make matters worse, this extensive infrastructure continues to be overloaded due to significant traffic growth in the network.

Take Control of Your Packet Data and Provide Security Assurance

Get Access to Packet-Level Insight to Reduce Time-to-Root-Cause,
Cost of Downtime, and Data-Breach Impact

High-Speed Capture and Recording

Accelerate Time-to-Root-Cause
Streamline your analysis process and shorten time to resolution — get fast access to all packets anytime, pre- and post‑event, with no need to filter or selectively capture traffic in a small form factor.

Adaptive Traffic Distribution

Extend the Useful Life of Your Monitoring & Analysis Infrastructure
Keep up with network speed and traffic growth — distribute captured traffic at controlled rates to other applications matching their intake rates, smoothing out the traffic spikes and avoiding overloading your monitoring and analysis infrastructure.

Universal Analytics Platform

For Efficient Operation and Investment Protection
Increase your throughput significantly and decrease your time to root cause, while saving on dedicated and costly appliances.

Axellio provides security assurance via analysis of packet data anywhere in your enterprise network

Network Operations

Optimizing the network visibility fabric for reliable no-loss, real-time analysis for the entire monitoring and analysis infrastructure.

Security Operations

Providing fast access to all packets anytime, pre- and post-event, and back-in-time analysis.

Applications Operations

For any application that requires deep packet inspection or application specific analysis, such as financial trading analysis, analyzing the high-volume of market data in real-time, and validating changes to trading algorithms with previous day’s captures.


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