STAC-M3 Results: Axellio Blows Away CompetitionSTAC Research Benchmark Council recently released independently audited results of Axellio’s Edge Computing System on the baseline and scaling suites of STAC-M3 – the results were nothing short of mind-blowing! If you’re not familiar with STAC Research, it consists of individuals who set the direction for high-performance technology in finance.  STAC consists of over 300 financial institutions with more than 50 vendor organizations. A pretty good crowd to hang out with!

Scale In Before you Scale Out

Axellio Edge Computing Systems with KX kdb+ has set a whole slew of new STAC-M3 benchmark records. Not only did Axellio beat ALL preceding submissions in over 50% of the benchmark tests (all but one 70%,) but Axellio performed this well all in a 2U footprint.

Usually, when a company goes to benchmark their solution with STAC, they have one or two full racks of equipment, all connected with lots of expensive hardware, all of the equipment consuming excessive amounts of power, requiring something like a Polar Vortex to cool these racks of equipment for fear they might reach critical mass and melt-down into a giant blob of toxic goo.

Look Familiar?



Did I mention Axellio set all these STAC-M3 records in a small, compact 2U rack-mounted server? That’s it, nothing else. So, in just 2U you can get 30x the performance, using just 10% or less of the power and cooling that a competing completely full rack or two of equipment attempts to provide –which means ½ the cost!

Axellio has shown that a platform can blow away existing benchmark results, specifically in the STAC-M3, and can do so with an achievable real-world architecture.  So while you start looking at how you are going to eliminate the latency issue, without blowing a budget, all while getting the project underway yesterday – keep Axellio in mind.

We say out with the old Scale Out or Scale Up mentality and Scale In with the new,  Axellio Edge Computing Systems. 

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