In today’s Financial Industry data scientists can use big data analytics to extract useful insights for traders.  Bigger data produces better visibility, but generating valuable takeaways from big data sets has so far been something that takes a long time to accomplish.  Answers come in days or weeks, not the seconds or microseconds that matter in markets. Algorithmic trading and risk management systems will take another huge step forward as big data analytics and machine learning methods move from some time later to real-time.

The Securities Technology Analysis Center, better known as STAC, will be holding the STAC High Technology in Finance Summit in New York, June 5th.  On the agenda is a panel discussion titled, “The Brave New World of Big I/O.”  This panel begins hinting at some of the emerging trends in the world of high-tech finance and trends that pose new challenges for computing infrastructure.

“Analytic demands in finance are putting tremendous pressure on data infrastructures, whether its quants and AI programs searching for optimal trading and investment strategies or risk systems generating all the scenarios required by new regulations.” 

STAC is the steward of several benchmarks that are designed to test and compare the performance of infrastructure software and hardware that can enable big data for trading and surveillance.  Newer architectures like Axellio’s Edge Computing Systems are demonstrating some pretty incredible performance and economics, bringing the promise of real-time big data to reality.

Axellio is attending STAC Summit New York, June 5th, as part of STAC Exchange showcasing our Axellio Edge Computing System. Also, Hollis Beall, Director of Performance Engineering, will join a well-represented panel at 1 pm discussing “The Brave New World of Big I/O!”

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