Axellio HCI platform meets demanding workloads wherever they are – on premises or in the cloud

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – March 26, 2019 — Axellio® announced today its all-NVMe server, FabricXpress™, has received validation for Microsoft® Azure® Stack HCI, which was recently announced as the hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) program for Windows Server® 2019. This validated solution provides organizations with seamless integration to Microsoft Azure Cloud, matching the best resources for storage-intensive workloads on premises or in the cloud for effortless private cloud or hybrid cloud deployments.

Axellio’s FabricXpress HCI solution stands out from traditional servers because it’s built from the ground up for high-performance computing and fast storage, taking demanding environments to a new level of consolidation and performance.  FabricXpress delivers 72 NVMe SSDs per server, and packs 2 servers into one 2U chassis.

This Axellio solution, running on Windows Server 2019, showed off its power and density last year at Microsoft Ignite when it pushed more than 1 million IOPs per node. The stack, starting at 4U in size, can scale up to 460 usable TB without additional nodes. The solution scales almost infinitely – up to 3PB usable in one 16 node cluster. Capacities can be further extended through the use of compression and deduplication.  Also, multiple clusters can be managed as one large cluster using the new cluster sets functionality in Windows Server 2019.

FabricXpress all-NVMe for Azure Stack HCI uses the same Hyper-V based software-defined compute, storage, and networking as Azure Stack, and meets the same rigorous validation requirements. The solution easily integrates on-premise workloads with Microsoft hybrid data services including Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup, Cloud Witness, and Azure Monitor.

Axellio aims to make every stage of the solution simple, efficient, and powerful for single use and multiple concurrent workloads – more typically seen in mid- to large-enterprise environments. Axellio, driven by decades of engineering experience, makes the most of the software/hardware relationship within each of their solutions, allowing users to simplify infrastructures and focus on more pressing matters.

By providing an integrated hyper-converged infrastructure platform for mid-sized and large organizations, FabricXpress all-NVMe for Azure Stack HCI is perfect for replacing aging storage and server infrastructures, consolidating virtual workloads, increasing application response time, and decreasing total infrastructure cost of ownership.

Axellio has a long history of working closely with Microsoft, including its platform certification to run with Windows Server Software-Defined (WSSD) solutions, which is a validated Windows Server 2016 solution. Axellio also partners with third-party vendors like 5Nine to ease transitions and migration from competitive interfaces such as VMware®.

HCI continues to grow in popularity with organizations as a replacement to aging compute and storage infrastructures. MarketsandMarkets predicts the HCI market will grow from $4.1 billion in 2018 to $17.1 billion by 2023. Many of these organizations are also evaluating a hybrid cloud strategy. Axellio and Microsoft Azure Stack HCI help make this connection easy to run workloads where they need the greatest performance, simplicity, and efficiency, all easily managed through Windows Admin Center (WAC) or Powershell Scripts.

“As more organizations renovate their old IT infrastructures, they’re looking at HCI platforms for their ability to lower costs and provide performance when and where they need it, especially when it comes to supporting compute-intensive workloads,” said Axellio CEO Bill Miller. “We are excited to be working with a company like Microsoft to provide enterprise customers with the performance and flexibility to address their most demanding workloads on-premises or in the cloud.”

“When Microsoft validates platforms like Axellio’s FabricXpress, we’re giving enterprise customers a solution that will meet their demanding compute and storage requirements using their same applications, and save money on new licensing costs with easy connectivity to a trusted public cloud,” said Siddhartha Roy, Partner Group Program Manager, Microsoft Corp.

About Axellio  Inc.

Axellio Inc. is a leading innovator in all-NVMe Flash Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) and Edge Computing systems uniquely designed to run tier 1 storage-intensive workloads. Axellio carries with it a legacy of twenty years of innovation in enterprise IT infrastructure systems and solutions providing the highest reliability, quality, service standards, and system performance for mid to large enterprise infrastructure.

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