Building full-featured and easy to manage solutions can take a long time to create from scratch.  That is why we partner with some of the best companies in the industry to build out the Axellio hyper-converged infrastructure solution offerings.

With rapid change happening in our industry, we know that to build a feature complete solution that makes our customers lives easier, we needed to partner with companies that are already focused on the software aspect of doing just that.

Why we partner with 5nine Software

One of the companies we have partnered with is 5nine Software.  5nine has been around for many years doing one thing…developing management software for the Microsoft Windows and Azure ecosystem.  From their Cloud Migration tool to their Cloud Management product, their focus seems to be on ease of use and simplicity while still offering a robust and comprehensive tool.  Our partnership with 5nine has allowed us to create a total solution for our customers that is easy to use and manage – from purchase, deployment, migration, and day to day operations.

Their Cloud Management product has a similar look and feel to VMware.  Therefore, it allows any VMware administrator to feel right at home in managing a Microsoft Windows Hyper-V deployment.  We all know VMware is the dominant player in the virtualization space but Microsoft has made a strong push into virtualization with Windows Server 2016 and Hyper-V. Microsoft has all but doubled down as of late with their release of Windows Server 2019 and all the new features it includes.  From the hyper-converged infrastructure features like storage space direct(S2D, their software-defined virtual SAN) to the complete list of software-defined networking features, the product gives a customer just about every feature they could want or need included in datacenter edition licensing.

Because of this, we see a steady migration coming of customers moving away from VMware and to Microsoft for their virtualization needs.  Most customers already own all the software to accomplish virtualization and HCI in the Microsoft licenses they already own, which is a huge savings in licensing cost. 5nine is well suited to help in this migration to Microsoft,  with their robust toolset to manage a Microsoft infrastructure on-prem or in the cloud.

As Microsoft transitions to a hybrid cloud mentality and approach with customers, they will provide management tools, utilities, and web portals to manage their feature sets.  5nine brings all that management under one umbrella and they continue to keep pace with Microsoft and add functionality to their product portfolio that allows you to manage your entire environment, on-prem or in the cloud all from an easy interface.

That is one of the reasons we partner with 5nine to be our management software of choice for our Microsoft based HCI solutions, especially for our customers that are transitioning from VMware to Microsoft.

To see how 5nine and Axellio team up to make management and deployment simple check out our on-demand webinar: Best Practices for BC/DR in Hyper-Converged.
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