FX-WSSD Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Redefines Performance and Affordability for the HCI Market

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Sept. 25, 2018 — Axellio announced today the FabricXpress® Windows Server Software-Defined (WSSD) solutions, an all-flash hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) appliance based on Microsoft Windows Server 2016 and 2019. FabricXpress (FX) is uniquely designed to “scale in” by converging storage and compute in a 2U chassis, with NVMe over PCIe to make the most of virtual workload CPU performance improvements in Windows Server 2019.

Axellio’s FX-WSSD removes previous HCI barriers allowing for CPU, storage, memory, and network bandwidth to be upgraded independently of each other, adding an affordability and simplicity previously unseen. FX-WSSD provides a comprehensive software-defined “data center in a box” for enterprise environments and service providers to build on-premises and hybrid integration with Microsoft Azure.FabricXpress WSSD HCI appliance

The edge-computing appliance is built on HCI standards and tenant isolation services to simplify deployment, provisioning, and security of on-premises multi-tenant clouds. FX-WSSD is designed around x86 industry-standard hardware and accelerated network performance with a full range of iWARP adapters from Chelsio Communications to deliver industry-leading performance.

Axellio unveiled the new hyper-converged infrastructure appliance today at the Microsoft Ignite conference in Orlando, Fla. where they will demonstrate the solution at the Microsoft HCI Showcase. The FX-WSSD solutions are validated to Microsoft WSSD reference architecture to provide superior performance and capacity at a reasonable cost.

“Where once it might have taken a team of IT pros to deploy a data center, Axellio and Microsoft are making it possible for one person to establish and manage their sophisticated workloads that demand peak performance,” said Axellio CEO Bill Miller. “With FabricXpress, we’re changing the way people think about edge computing, evolving the technology to become a cornerstone of today’s modern data center.”

“As HCI adoption increases, the technology is being seen as much more than a combination of compute and storage,” said ESG Senior Analyst Mike Leone. “The work and collaboration between Microsoft and Axellio show how the technology is advancing through software that enables organizations to freely move workloads between Azure and the FabricXpress platform. Networking, mobility, and scalability within the platforms are the types of differentiators that will speed further adoption on both the SMB and enterprise level.”

“The combination of the Axellio FabricXpress platform and Microsoft’s Windows Server 2019 has allowed us to gain tremendous performance and scalability at the same price point as other compared vendors,” said Clark Carpenter, director – IS Infrastructure at Southeastern Ohio Regional Medical Center . “Staying with the Microsoft tools allowed us to save on licensing cost and removed the time that we would have spent learning a new management system. We are extremely happy with our decision to stay with Axellio.”

“Axellio’s FX-WSSD provides a powerful and reliable HCI solution that unlocks the full potential of Windows Server 2019 and its new virtual workload CPU performance improvements,” said Carmen Crincoli, Microsoft storage ISV senior program manager. “The two solutions combined make it easy for enterprise organizations to deploy and manage on-premise and hybrid cloud solutions for high-performance and data-intensive environments.”

Available immediately, the Axellio FabricXpress WSSD appliance has multiple standard configurations all starting in a 4U, 4 node footprint. Storage and compute scale independently to adapt to changes in the computing environment. If attending Microsoft Ignite 2018 – stop by booth AIC137 or schedule a demo to see the full potential of this HCI appliance.

About Axellio
Axellio – an established innovator in advanced data storage systems – is the emerging leader in Edge Computing solutions and platforms. We provide performance that redefines what is possible and breaks the mold of traditional scale-up and out architecture with a scale-in philosophy. Our solutions take IT teams, solution providers and OEMs in cybersecurity, financial markets, defense and intelligence, healthcare, telecom and industrial markets to the edge of computing and beyond. Re-imagine what is possible in your cloud, datacenter and HCI environment – Axellio turns it into reality. To learn more, visit Axellio.com.


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