Over the holidays Honda began promoting its Honda Accord to the 40s and over crowd, with the Six Million Dollar Man Steve Austin action figure. (Note to self – Honda Accords are now apparently for “old people”.) If you remember the show, Steve was a test pilot who was pulled from the wreckage of a horrifying plane crash.  With the right technology, and $6 million – $35 billion now if you adjust for inflation – the U.S. federal government was able to rebuild him with bionic parts to be “better, stronger, faster.”

Recently, the Southeastern Ohio Regional Medical Center (SEORMC) reached its own Steve Austin moment. After years of constant updates and storage limitations, the medical center’s storage infrastructure – made up of VMware and traditional SAN storage devices – was on its last leg. It was constantly running out of storage capacity and frequently needed memory upgrades. And it was taking up way too much room.

A VMware for Microsoft Swap

The Axellio Inc. team worked with SEORMC to rebuild its aging VMware-based infrastructure with a “bionic” FabricXpress™ Windows Server Software-Defined (FX-WSSD) solution. Based on Microsoft WinTaking Backups from 4 Hours to 12 Minutesdows Server 2016 and 2019, Axellio’s FabricXpress converges storage and server compute. Utilizing a PCIe fabric and up to 72 NVMe SSDs per server (yep – PER SERVER) for performance, bandwidth, density, and cost. FabricXpress powers multi-tenant enterprise workloads with the simplicity and consolidation of HCI. FabricXpress is meeting performance needs in video streaming, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, financial market data, defense and intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

You might simply call it the Cyborg of HCI solutions.

Axellio Inc. replaced SEORMC’s 10 VMware hosts and SAN environment, which was taking up 84 rack units of space.  The 6 rack unit replacement included switches and a 4-node cluster with 176 CPU cores, 1TB of RAM and 38TBS of NVMe SSD storage.

As a result, SEORMC is saving money by dispensing with its expensive VMware licensing fees for Microsoft Datacenter. Which has a lower licensing cost – and a simple to manage user experience using the Microsoft System Center.

Although Axellio’s FabricXpress HCI platform comes in a smaller package, it still provides far more power than what SEORMC was used to, in addition to faster data transfers. Now when they migrate servers to a different host, what used to take 10 minutes only takes 10 seconds. And their server backups that used to take three or four hours now take 12 minutes.

To find out more detail on how and why SEORMC moved to Axellio FX-WSSD to make its IT infrastructure better, stronger, faster – smaller and less expensive, check out the full case study.

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