Velocity, Volume, Complexity – Real-Time Data in a Nutshell

Fact: Devices, large and small, are creating an amount and velocity of data growing at an exponential rate, that is creating high-velocity streams of data. By acting upon it in near real-time you will garner valuable information from this rapidly moving data.  As we’ve discussed in a previous post, moving this type of time-sensitive data to the Cloud is becoming increasingly impractical and renders the data as invaluable.

Moving the processing capability closer to where the data is created is the only way to retain the value of high-velocity streaming data. But then, what do you do with it?

You may be asking questions like:

  • How will I navigate through high-volumes of constant and rapidly changing information?
  • How do we derive actionable answers through discovery and analytics in a near real-time manner?
  • What systems are available to capture and consume the high-velocity of data?

Pulling it all together

There are many ways to achieve such solutions. Pulling together pieces and parts of various different hardware and software, while doable, is not necessarily viable from many perspectives.  For example, size, weight, power, complexity, and cost, make it undesirable. Let alone supporting and maintaining this type of environment. A purpose-built converged compute, storage, and software solution is what is truly needed. With high density, small footprint, low cost and simply maintained.

Real-time streaming data analytics

The good news is Axellio’s MicroCloud & MicroDataCenter solutions provide just what is needed. The Axellio NVMe edge-computing system deliver unprecedented real-time performance for complex analytics on high-volume, high-velocity streaming data. Axellio implements cloud architectures, runs cloud-native applications, and achieves higher performance than other public or private cloud solutions. This level of performance enables next-generation applications where large amounts of sensor-based data inputs must be processed to provide real-time insight and response.

With Axellio’s unique but industry standards-based architecture, running cloud-native applications such as Scratch Digital + Data is where the MicroCloud excels. The partnership between Scratch and Axellio breaks the limitations of traditional “search” approaches. Understanding both the relationships between the data and the metadata that describes it,  users have an experience where the system can rapidly guide them to the data that is critical. Helping them instantly navigate to related data easily.

To fully comprehend the extraordinary capabilities of a total integrated solution of Axellio and Scratch, Axellio will host a special webinar briefing on Tuesday, May 29: “Finding the Needle in the Real-Time Haystack.”

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