Dear HCI,

It’s over. I’m sorry but I’ve found another. No, no, it’s not you, it’s me.

Well, actually, yes it’s you – at least in your current form.

We’ve had some fun times together through all those data center modernizations, remote office/branch office moments and the great times with our mid-sized business friends.

You’ve been so popular. Even now, your revenues are expected to soar to $18 billion by 2023, growing at a rate of 43 percent. Nearly 30 percent all the storage buyers out there have deployed you, while another 32 percent have been eyeing you for years.

I remember when we first met. I was so tired of those big monolithic data centers that were so needy and high maintenance. You came in and offered an alternative. It was much easier to deploy and manage with promised scalability of infinite potential.

I mean it was you that took the normal converged infrastructure a step beyond simple integration of compute and storage into a single appliance to include networking, virtualization hypervisor, and security. And the way you handled those intense VDI and cloud workloads was amazing.

But now you’re just too rigid with your hardware, which is eating into my CapEx and OpEx costs. Your ratios of CPU, storage, memory and network bandwidth are too fixed. What I thought would be simple turned into IT sprawl and performance issues when I try to run multiple concurrent workloads. Now that I want to take this to the next stage – enterprise-level workloads – you can’t keep up.

I don’t want to break up with the idea of HCI – it really is simple, easy to deploy – I’m just moving on to a new version that can meet my other needs like performance, affordability, and consolidation.


It’s an HCI 2.0 called FX-WSSD or FabricXpress™ Windows Server Software Defined data center is changing everything. It’s got a new server hardware design. It is delivering awesome performance with fewer management headaches and it doesn’t dig into my wallet all the time.

This new HCI solution is built to stand up to those imposing data volumes and performance-hungry workloads like analytics, VDI, cybersecurity, and IoT.  And if an app or data needs to make a quick jump to the clouds, that’s not a problem.

FX-WSSD HCI is the total package: high density, low latency and high bandwidth through a high-performance NVMe/PCIe architecture. And a tried and true virtualization and software-defined storage layer with Microsoft’s Hyper-V & Storage Spaces Direct (S2D). Low latency and storage intensive workloads love it. Just one appliance supports up to 88 CPU cores and 2TBs of RAM. Seriously!

The FabricXpress hardware supports more NVMe all flash storage devices per node than any other server out there – up to 72!  With an integrated PCIe fabric allowing for 32 lanes to access the NVMe – it’s surprisingly powerful but small compute/storage 2U form factor holding 2 (Yes – 2) server nodes.  Now we can transform our data centers to high-density environments without expanding our footprint.

The new FX-WSSD solution offers us more flexibility than ever. With PCIe slots that can be used for any combination of flash storage, GPU, or FPGA – the design makes it easy and fast to upgrade, expand or reconfigure infrastructures to meet any changes I might have in workload requirements.


It’s been fun HCI 1.0. But HCI 2.0 with Axellio FX-WSSD just delivers all the simplicity, performance, agility and cost savings you always promised in a smaller package and with more flexibility. We can handle more applications and storage intensive workloads that our growing environment needs. Goodbye HCI 1.0, Hello HCI 2.0!

Looking to love your IT infrastructure again, and not sure how to get there?

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This blog was written while listening to “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do” by Neil Sedaka on Spotify – enjoy!

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