The US Air Force 557th Weather Wing built an amazing application on Axellio’s new MobileXpress (AMX) platform – WeatherXpress!

WeatherXpress is designed to rapidly deploy forecast abilities anywhere in the world.  Taking Axellio’s portable high-compute and high-storage platform with pre-loaded data and their special software on the road reduces the need for remote access to data and compute resources in their data centers.

The AMX platform was designed specifically for tactical, rapid field deployment in a rugged, TSA-standard carry-on size. Containing up to 6 servers with 56 cores each provides the compute power needed while having the flexibility to mix and match CPU, GPU, NVMe Flash Storage, memory, and networking cards – depending on the mission needs.

This portable data center allows the Air Force 16th Weather Squadron to provide responsive, accurate, and relevant weather intelligence to warfighters and national agencies, no matter where the mission takes them. Designed to quickly stack for deployment at scale, AMX allows for combining multiple units. This enables the team to run even their most demanding AI/ML software solutions to increase local forecast accuracy and to compensate for incomplete data.

Watch their video on this exciting project. We wish the USAF 557th Weather Wing all the best to win the SparkTank 2020 competition.

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