Cloud StorageWhile many organizations are taking advantage of the common benefits that Cloud offers, we’ve identified some areas where it may not be the only solution or the right solution for big data streaming analytics. Whether you are detecting data anomalies or attempting to conduct trading transactions, gaining insights faster is vital to successful business decisions. Real-Time processing is becoming necessary for a broad range of transactions in the Finance and Cybersecurity sectors.

Two Types of Business Transaction Needs

We generally see two types of business: seasonal and non-seasonal. The cloud has true benefits to a seasonal transaction stream. Turn up your storage and computing needs during the periods that have high transaction times. Then turn it down when you are in low transaction times. A pay as you go mentality. But in non-seasonal businesses when data transactions are at a high rate all the time such as big data streaming analytics the pay as you go can come at an astronomic cost. Without even considering the cost to maintain the speed at which your transactions need to process. Latency, bandwidth, autonomy, and privacy are all areas where a Cloud architecture may need a reality check AND a real-time check.

Let’s look at a few definitions:

  • Latency: the delay before a transfer of data begins following an instruction for its transfer
  • Bandwidth: the volume of information per unit of time that a transmission medium (like an internet connection) can handle
  • Autonomy: freedom from external control or influence; independence
  • Privacy: a state of being free from public attention
  • Cloud Reality CheckOk, ok, we all know these definitions. If we are talking big data streaming analytics,  its worth a refresh to begin rethinking where your applications should reality checkCloud reality check. Latency issues with the cloud cannot be ignored especially when looking at real-time transactions. The pipes to and from the cloud aren’t big enough for the bandwidth that may be needed in big data streaming analytics. There are constraints and a lack of autonomy and automation in the cloud. Lastly, it’s important to consider “there is no cloud, just someone else’s computer.” Privacy is in question when putting your data on someone else’s environment. This is not saying let’s do away with the Cloud – there are numerous and obvious benefits. But, consider a different way – let’s talk MicroCloud.

Axellio MicroCloud & Big Data Streaming Analytics

Over a series of blog posts, we will be discussing the Axellio MicroCloud and how it is transforming the way organizations develop, deploy, and manage their environments today. Axellio is the platform for implementing scalable cloud architectures and running cloud-native applications in your data center. It is a converged compute and storage platform, applying packaged containerization such as Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos, and others, integrated monitoring, and allows local implementations of traditionally cloud-only applications. The Axellio MicroCloud platform is an easily deployable, affordable, and secure platform for big data streaming analytics.

Join us at the 2018 Spring STAC Summit Series in London – April 26th and New York – June 13th to discuss more on Big Data Streaming Analytics and the MicroCloud in person – or contact us today to discuss!

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